Meet Our Team

Wade Danforth – Co-owner

As one of our co-owners, Wade has experience including working with companies across many industries including agribusiness, banking, biotech/pharmaceutical, engineering, financial services, information technology, manufacturing, and software development. Wade has an MBA from Butler University with a concentration in marketing. When not in the office, Wade enjoys spending time with family, at the softball fields (coaching or watching), on the golf course, or reading the latest business news.

Brad Murray – Co-owner

Brad is a co-owner and has a Computer Graphics Technology degree from Purdue University (Boiler Up!) During his career, he has worked with companies within the engineering, financial services, information technology, and manufacturing industries. Brad is passionate about leading the development of websites, mobile apps, online sales tools, and other marketing tactics.

Jessica Danforth – Project Manager

With a degree in English and a minor in math, Jessica covers both sides of the Scale Squad brain. With the artistic skills to make your business sound great on your website and the analytical chops to keep your website project moving, she is a valuable member of our team. Over her career, Jessica has worked for companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries and has done writing for clients in the banking, engineering, financial services, manufacturing, medical device, and trade service industries.