Local Search Engine Optimization

Here at Scale Squad, we believe in building on solid foundations. That’s why our local SEO package sticks to a strict foundational program before moving on to any of our more advanced techniques.


The center piece to your organic rankings, we take care of all your onsite SEO from on-page, technical issues, UX and much much more.

Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is a critical part of getting visible locally. We can create your listing or fully optimize existing listings along with advanced troubleshooting via direct contact with the Google My Business team.


We create manual submissions on the top aggregator and citation sources, along with city and industry specific citation sources. Our service includes NAP Cleanup and duplicate suppression.


We build genuine local backlinks based on your clients’ relationships, competitor/local analysis, and manual outreach, giving your clients hyper relevant local links that count.


Reviews are the cornerstone to creating trust. Our turnkey review system with SMS feature gets you reviews quickly and effectively.

Analytics & Conversion Tracking

Once we have set up a solid Local SEO foundation we implement Hotjar along with their 9-step tracking process for delivering amazing insights to the way people reach the site and interact with it. These valuable insights in part formulate our data-driven SEO task list starting from Month 1.

Local SEO Package

Straight To The Core

It can be easy to get carried away with the latest fad or “gaming Google technique” and not actually get the core building blocks in place to make these advanced techniques work. We’ve done our best to make the initial foundation steps we take easy to understand for both the agency and the business owner. You’ll have complete access to both teamwork.com and timedoctor.com so you can get live updates, see what we’re up to with your clients, and spend less time following up and more time scaling your business.

Tested & Proven Techniques

We have taken a lot of time and effort to create a package which covers all the key areas in local SEO. This is something that practically no other white label local SEO service offers. Most other agencies rely on sub-par backlink submissions and basic citation creation as the core basis of their monthly package. For you this means either not giving your client what they need or you having to fill in the gaps yourself leaving you less time to work on getting more clients.

With our services, you get a solid foundation, ongoing optimization, and simple reporting in a simple flat-fee service. With ScaleSquad SEO, the only thing you need to focus on is, well, scaling!