Unleash the Power of Customer Reviews

Elevate your business by harnessing the influence of customer reviews with Scale Squad. Recognizing that customer feedback is pivotal for effective marketing, we have curated a seamless approach to maximize your brand’s online presence.

How Our Service Works

Create a Review Funnel

Scale Squad introduces a sophisticated “review funnel” designed to strategically guide your customers to the platforms that hold significance for your business.


Systematic Funnel Routing

Direct customers through a singular conversion funnel, tailored to lead them to review sites aligning with your business goals.


Automated Review Generation

Enhance the quantity and quality of reviews through automated prompts, reminders, and guidance for satisfied customers throughout the review process.


Service Recovery for Unhappy Customers

Transform negatives into positives by offering dissatisfied customers a second chance through a structured service recovery process.

Actionable Monthly Reports

Monitor the improvement in your reputation with visually engaging monthly reports. Extract valuable insights from campaign data for strategic decision-making.


Review Amplification

Effortlessly showcase your best reviews. We automatically stream 4- and 5-star reviews directly to your website, magnifying positive feedback.

Benefits of Choosing Scale Squad

Strategic Online Presence

Direct customers to review sites aligned with your business objectives, ensuring a targeted and strategic online presence.

Effortless Reputation Management

Automate the review process, saving time and resources while consistently building a positive online reputation.

Service Recovery Opportunities

Convert negative experiences into positive outcomes with a structured service recovery path for unhappy customers.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Utilize our monthly reports for actionable insights, enabling informed decisions based on the performance of your review campaigns.

Seamless Review Integration

Effortlessly showcase your business’s finest moments by automatically integrating glowing reviews onto your website.

Scale Squad is your dedicated partner in leveraging customer reviews for maximum impact. Elevate your brand’s online reputation with our comprehensive and streamlined Reputation Amplification service. Contact us today to explore how we can tailor our offering to meet your unique business needs.