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Customer Reviews Are Valuable Currency For Your Clients. Our Review Funnel and Monitoring Wrangles And Directs Reviews. Our Easy-To-Monetize Service Guarantees That Literally Everybody Wins.
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Customer reviews are the single most effective kind of content marketing for your clients. Until now, it’s been nearly impossible to monetize review and reputation management due to being so unpredictable and scattered across multiple platforms. But with our Review Management System, in a few simple steps, you’ll have a system that lets you set up a review funnel, link reviews from multiple social sites, drive new customer reviews, respond to negative reviews to repair the relationship, and provide monthly White Label reporting.

How It Works

Step 1

Systematically drive customers to one conversion funnel that routes them to the review sites you care about.

Step 2

Increase review volume and quality by automatically asking, reminding and guiding happy customers through the process of completing a review.

Step 3

Get a second chance with unhappy customers by guiding them to a service recovery.

Step 4

See results with beautiful monthly reports that demonstrate reputational improvement alongside actionable insights into campaign data.

Step 5

Monitor reviews left all over the internet and one place. Leverage and amplify 4- and 5-star reviews by automatically streaming them to your website.