White Label Review Funnel

A personal referral is probably the best lead you can get for almost any type of business; it’s usually the easiest to convert and for the most part there is a lot less requirement to “sell” the service or product. This is why online reviews are such a valuable commodity for extra traffic, phone calls and walk-ins for your clients business. They do a lot of the trust building for you.

This fact has been confirmed in multiple studies regarding the effect online reviews have on generating solid new leads. A study by Brightlocal in 2014 showed that up to 88% of people trusted an online review as much as a personal referral with as much as 9 out of 10 people referring to online reviews to establish the quality of a local business. If you`ve ever made a purchase from say Amazon based on the quality of the reviews the product had you will understand the power reviews have of driving a potential customer’s decision to choose your clients business over the competition.

What we are we trying to achieve with a white label review system??

From a practical point of view we aim to:

Get your client’s reviews showing up prominently; they need five reviews in Google My Business to get the reviews visible in the search results. Although this not directly linked to the ranking algorithm, it will have an indirect impact, and it might be the difference between the potential customer ringing your clients business over a competitor.

The next step would be to surpass the competition making sure the business owner has more and higher quality reviews. Aside from making it an absolute no brainer which business the end user should be ringing, a recent study by localseoguide.com has also shown a massive correlation between companies with a large number of quality reviews and higher rankings/visibility. Being active in collecting reviews from happy customers as you can see can be an absolute game changer for any local business if it’s actively pursued and implemented.

It doesn’t end at Google My Business reviews either; there are many other 3rd party websites that rank locally. These are also further opportunities to get even more reviews to diverse your clients review portfolio, think Yelp, Yellowpages, Foursquare and more! The opportunities are endless.

What’s the solution? A Custom White Label Review Funnel.

We`ve established the importance of reviews but there is one more problem, one of the reasons they are so valuable is because it’s not easy to get good reviews. People tend only to take action on their own when they have had a bad experience.  It takes a concerted effect on the part of the business owner to ask for a review from a happy client.

The key to getting good reviews from satisfied customers is making it as easy as possible for the customer to do. We believe a custom white label review system is the solution.

The custom review system comes as part of the local SEO package, your client (business owner)  is given a branded “Review Us Page” that is used to collect their customer’s data. They then have the option to send a review request via email, or even better SMS text message the customer is given a link to click that walks them step by step through the entire review process from start to finish, it even has a negative review filter where if they choose a ⅗ stars or below will redirect them back to the business owner’s contact details  to try and resolve the issue before they leave negative feedback.

The review funnel includes:

White label landing page

Review requests via Email and SMS (max 200 SMS per month)

Email drip feed option for business owners who have an existing email list

Option to add multiple review funnels together so the customer can choose where they would prefer to add a review.

Negative review filter, prevents an unhappy customer leaving reviews and is redirected to the business owner.

Funnels integrated step by step process instructs and prompts the customer on how to leave a review.


For effortless review capture our white label review system has you covered, as a single stand alone option (see here) or included as part of our local monthly SEO package.