White Label Onsite SEO

Your client’s website is arguably the single most valuable asset they have when it comes to developing an effective local online presence. For this reason, it’s one of the first areas we begin our analysis and the initial round of work.

We have two audits designed to uncover the key areas that are pulling down your client’s visibility when it comes to their website. We then prioritize tasks based on what needs to happen first to maximize website potential fully.

Our Web Presence audit is designed to show up any and all technical issues the website may be facing from an SEO standpoint, along with coding issues that may be affecting how Google views and crawls your clients key pages. This will include Analysis of:

Google Console



Site Speed

Internal Linking



Mobile friendliness

Duplicate pages

404 errors


Schema/Rich snippets



302/301 errors


Website Technical and Content Audits

Our Service Page Audit then work to uncover holes in content strategy, we evaluate your client’s existing content and offer insights into:

  • Local keywords / semantic data, showing current keywords being used with comparisons to possible alternatives based on volume, keyword intent and ranking difficulty.
  • On-page optimization opportunities for existing pages

  • Content overhauls (where current page content isn’t sufficient and needs rewriting or expanding.)
  • Expanding clients service mentions/snippets into individual pages.
  • Full optimization spreadsheet – Giving a before and after snapshot of all intended on page updates before we implement. Allowing you and your client to vett exactly what we do on the website before our updates are published.

Combined, our two audits cover every aspect of good website optimization. We make sure that all your clients services are properly represented with their own page, include original informative fully optimized content, while taking care of all the technical errors that prevent good local visibility.

Our standard package  includes 12 articles, front loaded in month one, this covers your client for 6 months. We have chosen to do it this way so they benefit from an increased likelihood of positive results much quicker whist laying a solid foundation for further SEO.

Our feedback shows this also increases trust with your client as they can visibly see a lot of updates being made to their website which, as you were maybe aware is often the only thing they physically see. This massively affects how a business owner feels about work being carried out. If a website isn’t updated first it might not only affect the other areas we work on, but also the trust you have developed with your client.

Website Issues Outside The Scope Of Local SEO

Please be aware that some cases we may discover website issues that are beyond the scope of our Local SEO work and may need to be done outside of the monthly package . This is usually due to poorly coded websites that we have inherited. Rest assured if this is the case we have a team of web design experts ready for you to consult with and get your clients website back on track, offering industry leading affordable solutions.

Focusing on your client’s website first is a core pillar in our initial 3 tier program, allowing us to lay down the foundation needed for the other work we do. If you’re concerned about getting your clients website up to speed this is the package for you.