White Label Google My Business Optimization

Your clients Google My Business listing is without a doubt, a must have for legitimate local brick and mortar/service area businesses. Google’s listing levels the playing field so local businesses can compete with bigger brands and get more visibility locally. Without it, your client is going to miss out on highly relevant local traffic.

There are two ways we aim to help make your clients Google My Business listing a success.

If your client doesn’t have a listing

We set up your client listing for them; this is one of the first things we will do, all the information we need to get started is taken from the intake form. We’ll also ask for some great images to create a richer listing if there is room for improvement.

Our optimization process will include:

Add all relevant contact and business Info including

Business name

Correct local phone number  

Complete address

Website URL

Opening times

Geo-tagged images

If the client already has a listing we will run a full analysis on issues that could affect rankings and trust with Google such as:

Inconsistent business name

Inconsistent NAP (name,address, phone number)

Potential duplicate listings

Website Url redirects

Is the listing verified?

As part of the optimization process, it’s critical to have only one fully optimized listing per location; that’s consistent and an accurate reflection of the business. This also needs to be done right at the beginning of any Local SEO campaign so that work on other areas such as collecting reviews and building listings on 3rd party websites like Infogroup, Acxiom, Yelp, and Yellow Pages is actually supporting the listing with consistent data, helping Google to confirm business location and developing trust.

In most cases, the work involved in properly optimizing your local listing requires lots of custom manual work based on your client’s particular needs. We have you covered from start to finish like no other white label SEO service can provide. We do what it takes to ensure maximum visibility is achieved