White Label Aggregators/Citations

It shouldn’t be underestimated the importance of having active, consistent aggregator and citations for visibility in Google maps. Although there is evidence showing that the effect of aggregators and citations has dwindled slightly in recent years as the Google algorithm evolves, It’s still hugely important if you want to maximize your local visibility.

The consensus is if you want to be visible on Google maps then you clients need to have their  NAP (name, address, telephone number) active complete and consistent across all the leading aggregators and top citations sources.

As part of our monthly package, we aim to not only clean up inconsistent NAP information across existing listings such as the phone number, variations on the business name and address also but create the new listings needed to send Google the strongest possible signal that your clients business address is trustworthy and legitimate. Our aggregator/citation cleanup and creation include work on:

Main Data Aggregators

Top Tier Citations

Other Search Engines ( Bing and Yahoo)

Industry Specific Citations

City Specific Citations

Not only will having all of these listings consistent and active help your clients with their Google My Business listing to achieve more visibility, but they will also benefit from the added direct traffic to the website,  phone calls and walk-ins that having all these listing can send to your clients business.

Completing Phone Verifications  

With some of the major listings such as Infogroup, Bing, and Apple Maps phone verifications are required, and guess what? We also have you covered here. Our unique live chat approach means all you need to do as the agency is arrange a suitable time for your client to be available to receive verification calls at the main business number and forward them a link (supplied by us) via email they need to click on. We’ll be waiting for them, ready to walk them through the entire process of completing each listing’s phone verification, from start to finish. Completely white label, and only takes on average 20 minutes to complete.

Making the Most Of Your Main Listings – Barnacle SEO

If you’ve never heard of Barnacle SEO, it’s the process of piggybacking off the high organic rankings of citations that relate to your clients business. By paying extra attention to these listings that are ranking highly in organic search, it’s possible to have multiple rankings on the first page of Google gaining further exposure for your client’s brand.

To complete all of the aggregator/citation areas listed above which is part of our monthly package will give your customers a well-rounded consistent citation profile along with multiple traffic streams via direct to website traffic, phone calls and walk-ins. It’s time to get visible in local!