For clients that are wanting quicker results,  are in a competitive / high-value local market or have multiple locations, we advise adding an hours extension add-on to your standard local SEO package.

The time extension addon is simple, we double your clients hours from 14 hours per month to 28 hours, or even more if needed. This allows us to complete twice the amount of work every month.

You can use the package on a pay as you go basis, we highly recommend using the hour’s extension addon package for at least the first 3 months of any local business so we are able to complete all the research and solve a lot of the major issues the business might be facing online.

As you may be aware, local SEO success in the early stages can be the difference between having a long-term, happy paying client who trusts you to bring local visibility for years to come, or giving up early because things didn’t move quite as fast as they would like.  Having the addon for 3 months is equivalent to 6 months work with just the standard package giving them a boost when its most needed the most, right at the beginning of a campaign.

The great news is the addon is flexible, you can even use it for just the first month which would allow us to complete all of the research and prep with enough time to begin implementation. The client would actually see things physically happening in month 1 which is a great trust builder.

The other benefit of using the time extension addon month on month is the ability to charge a lot more for your local SEO services, knowing you are providing real value for the client. This gives you a great opportunity to give higher paying clients such as dentists, attorneys and plastic surgeons a package that really suits the budget they have at their disposal and meet the workload requirements needed in highly competitive markets.

The Cost

The time extension addon is $260 per month per addon.

That’s under $20 per hour for local SEO services.

With a 2017 bright local survey showing that freelance and agency SEOs are billing their clients an average of $110 per hour, it’s not hard to see how you could leverage this addon to make a lot more profit.