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How We Helped Cindy Offer Websites, Profit More, and Win Her Customers Over Even More.

Cindy’s social media agency is tucked away on the east coast surrounded by thousands of small businesses. Their core focus and true passion is social media and they are great at it. So good, in fact, that all their customers would come to them for additional digital services even if it wasn’t a part of their core services. Specifically, websites. While Cindy’s team was creating some buzz for their customers, the buzz was stopped right in its tracks they landed on poorly designed websites. This was a big problem, one Cindy wasn’t prepared to solve.

The Problem

Cindy had never done websites so knew nothing about them from start to finish. The process, marketing material, and pricing were all completely new to her.

How We Helped Cindy's Agency Scale

  • In the first week Cindy’s agency was selling and profiting using our custom and semi-custom websites.
  • Our process and project managers helped them set up their website process right away so they can sell more without capacity issues
  • Helped them start building dependable recurring revenue with our support packages and review system.

How We Helped Firegang Offer More Services Without Losing Profits

Firegang is one of the leading digital agencies in the dental market. They now serve a swiftly increasing number of practices across the United States and a rapidly growing Canadian market.

They are so well regarded that the number of SEO and website packages they sell grow month after month.

The increasing demand created potential fullfillment issues Firegang. But using our White Label Services, they immediately had the ability to scale quickly without the overhead cost and need for an in-house development team.

The Problem

Firegang’s great work, reputation, and amazing sales chops had them growing faster than ever. Building a in-house team was going to be expensive both time wise and financially.

They needed the ability to have someone help fulfill their services quickly and dependably.

How We Helped Firegang Scale

Cory, Firegang’s director of operations says using Scale Squad’s White Label services for more than 2 years and over 150 websites has brought the agency:

  • More revenue
  • The ability to focused on what they do best
    Additional service offerings, but expenses stay down
  • A manageably sized in-house team
    Maximized work capacity without over committing
  • Use our scalable process around delivering digital services.

How We Helped Todd’s Get Websites Up Faster, Offer Logos That “Wow” and Make Better Margins

Todd’s full service marketing firm is surrounded by thousands of New England small businesses with the potential for marketing needs from traditional print to media buying, to digital media marketing. There was simply more business than they could handle.

Todd needed increase capacity but still spend most their in house team on consulting services. He tried outsourcing overseas and freelancers but both hit their own capacity and still created unpredictable cost. Even worse neither provided a process driven solution to handle volume to help him scale.

The Problem

Southcoast had hit a wall outsourcing their website work overseas and to freelancers. They needed a scalable process-driven solution to keep their operations running smoothly. They also needed a flat-fee pricing solution so they could always know their margins and stay profitable.

How We Helped Todd's Agency Scale

  • We helped them increase number of services they could sell and launch per month
  • Freed up their project management and development staffing time, improving bottom line
  • Helped them create reliable profit margins on all services
  • Helped them by providing systematic approach to delivering services and support

How Bare Knuckle Marketing Got Great Quality From a Low Cost Website Solution

Allison heads Bare Knuckle, the digital team that is part of a bigger midwestern ad agency. They help create both national and local campaigns with budgets large and small.

For their part, Allison’s team is passionate about all things digital, especially SEO, which she really does well, driving customers to her client’s doors in droves. That’s why her business continues to grow year over year.

But Allison experienced specific growing pains — she needed to figure out how to get the websites of smaller budget clients developed and manage a profit.

The Problem

Allison’s overall business could not grow if her team kept spending much of their budget on website developers for small budget projects.

She found that the offshore contract developers she was working with were either super expensive, unaccountable, and sometimes both. She had the added challenge of convincing some of her more traditional colleagues that cutting cost meant low quality.

How We Helped Bare Knuckle Scale

Allison and her traditional colleagues’ experience with low cost and outsourcing couldn’t be denied.

But, they just hadn’t met the right. 

She says we have grown her services resulting in:

  • Going from no revenue margins on websites to significant margins
  • Websites that are coded correctly and on time
  • A reliable start-to-finish PM system that her team can depend on from project to project
  • Continuity and peace of mind because they don’t have to reset expectations with a new developer with every project