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Case Study

(Employment Attorney in Kansas City)

Business Type & Audience

Main Services: Discrimination & consumer rights attorneys

Local Area: Covered: Kansas City, MO

Target Audience: Anybody who has suffered from employment issues, discrimination, harassment or personal injury. Also covering criminal defense and family law.

Value Proposition: Reputation as one of the best discrimination attorneys in Kansas City & Missouri with numerous high profile cases won.

Local SEO Goals

To create more visibility online in Google search both for Maps (3 pack) and local Organic in the Kansas city area. The goal being reinforcing an already stellar reputation in the local community with brand recognition and generating more leads via visits to the website contact form fills and phone calls.

Challenges We Have Had to Overcome

Client has been with us 2 years in that time the website and individual services needed to be completely overhauled due each service not having it own pages and a lack copy on existing pages. On top of this the client has continually changed business name as new partners have joined the company and recently have changed the phone number again for call tracking adding further issues regarding NAP consistency. That combined with the limited budget per month has meant we have spent a lot of time cleaning up inconsistency with company data.


Media: Google, Bing, Yahoo

Campaign Length: 2 years

Increase in Traffic:
Despite the numerous changes to business information there has been a steady increase in both overall rankings and visits to the website continuously over the 2 year period, this has resulted in more traffic, form fills and calls for the business.

Important Keyword Increases:
“Discrimination Lawyer Kansas City”
Important Keyword Increases:
“Kansas City Employment Attorney”

Important Keyword Increases:
“Wrongful Termination Attorneys”
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5 Hour Manual Local SEO Audit


Each new SEO account includes our manual audit. We start the project off with the audit and do another audit at the six-month mark to show the progress made.
You can also purchase the audit in advance for $100 as a sales tool. If you close the customer we will deduct the cost the second month

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process. What is laid out in this audit are only the immediate issues that need dealing with to set the right foundation. Further SEO will be needed to be built on top of this foundation to grow and maintain a dominant local presence.

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