Local SEO Approval Process

Is Your Customer A Good Fit?

We started off as a purely local SEO agency meaning that we only initially focused on the Google My Business Listing. Now because of the new content strategy your client can also benefit from further rankings in local organic as well. Because of this the approval process isn’t as stringent as it once was and in part it will be up to you to decide if you would still like to use our services once we have delivered a verdict as to whether we feel the client is a good fit. We can help with both map listings (Google My Business) and Organic local but ideally both which is what we would consider to be a good fit.

Projects That Are Not A Good Fit

There is a few situations where we simply CANT help a client

❌ If they don’t have a WordPress website

❌ If they don’t have a physical business either bricks and mortar or serviced based

❌ If they aren’t local or aren’t trying to aim for local clients

There are also some secondary points that could stop your client showing up in local i.e. Google My Business that you may want to consider however this doesn’t affect organic local.

❌ Clients who share buildings with other companies using the same address

❌ Clients who use virtual offices or PO Boxes

❌ Clients who absolutely want to hide their address from anywhere on the internet.

❌ If the client has a ecommerce website

❌ If the client has a real estate website

Projects That Are A Good Fit

If your client passes all the items in the “Not A Good Fit List” we will audit your clients business and give you an idea of the local landscape any issues that we might have found and decide together if proceeding based on the data is in every bodies interest.

✓ They have a WordPress website

✓ They have a physical business, either bricks and mortar or service based. 

✓ They are local and trying to aquire local customers. 

You can submit a client to us though the members dashboard.

If you have any questions or trouble filling in the online form please let us know asap and we will get back in contact